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Figma Prototype – Mini Drone

UX Project Brief 

Name of the project
Started on: January 3, 2021
Last updated on:  January 12, 2022


This project is a case study and certification project in Figma. The client’s persona was generated for me by the instructor.


persona and taskflow

Target audience & Taskflow

Creating prototypes in Figma is a fantastic method for getting a project off the ground.

The project deliverables also included an icon set and style guide:

color scheme & style guide

Final flows for phone:

prototype flow phone

And desktop:

Final Desktop flow

(click links to see in Figma)

I continue to prototype many different projects in Figma for mobile and websites.

To build a successful prototype that fulfills the client’s requirements: A drone site that appeals to an average of 50 years old, female, very savvy with trends and technology.

My assigned task was to build out a prototype according to the client’s requirements, for both phone and desktop versions.

Since this project was for a class and not a real life client, I was able to take the project as far as I wanted to, without limitations. In addition to the areas requested, I also added a login/membership section.


Prototype, including layout, flows, animations, design, components, color scheme, color styles, font styles


The prototype was to be finished within a two-week period.

First deliverable, shared via shareable links from Figma, was the wireframe:

wireframe of mini drone

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